Estate Sales by Marlene Grant is a full service estate sale company in the greater Houston area.

Dealing with families needing to move a loved one into assisted-living facilities, or,  sell residential treasures as part of closing an estate.

  Set-up, staging, and pricing

  Advertising-includes estate sale websites, email list, regional newspapers, Craig’s list

  Client payment options-NO money out of pocket

  Client options-donation or removal of all remaining items

. Prompt payment made following the sale!

Why choose Estate Sales by Marlene Grant?

.  We know this is a tough time for you, let us create a wonderful shopping environment with high traffic presence. 

.  With your help we will determine what will be included in the sale. Please don’t pack anything up before we come for the free consultation because we can sell anything in your home-from furniture to paper products in your kitchen.

.  We will take pictures of your items for the advertising.


We market your items in an attractive, inviting way !